Harrowhaven was settled shortly after the founding of the barbarian nation of Caerdon on the shores of Lake Harrow. The city was originally founded by refugees seeking peace away from the constant wars between the nations of Arcius. The Khan of Caerdon allowed the refugees to build their city with the conditions that an appointed representative known as the Soldat, elected by the Khan, would have the power of veto, so that they could protect the tribes interests, as well as a tribute that would be given to the tribes once a year. The settlers happily agreed to the terms, knowing that with tribes of plain having an interest in the city, the Four Nations could not strike against them.

As the Harrowhaven continued to grow and engulf the lake, merchants from Four Nations so began travelling to the city, searching to make deals with the tribes for their goods. As merchants began traveling in greater numbers to the city, they soon began trading among themselves, trading goods from all of the Four Nations. Harrowhaven soon became known as the crossroads of the Arcius and grew to tremendous size and power. With the protection of the Tribes and no nation wishing to miss out on the profits of trading, it became a beacon for a peaceful future for Arcius.

The city is governed by the Great Senate, which is an assembly of representatives from each of the Four Nations (protecting their interest in the city), the Soldat from the tribes, as well as four District Provosts. The Great Senate holds its meetings in the citadel on the island in the middle of Lake Harrow. The Soldat has the most power in the senate, followed by the Provosts, and finally the foreign representatives.

The city itself is divided into four large rings which make up the four major districts of the city, along with the island in the center. Each district is controlled by a District Provosts who makes the major decisions for the upkeep and protection of their district. They, in turn, divide up each of their districts into a number of sections, which they give to their chosen governors known as Capos. The Capos are in charge of enforcing the cities laws as well as maintaining the health and happiness of their citizens.


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